Eclipse is a free software/open source platform-independent software framework for delivering what the project calls "rich-client application”. So far this framework has typically been used to develop IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). Eclipse employs plugins in order to provide all of its functionality on top of the rich client platform, in contrast to some other IDEs where functionality is typically hard-coded.

We have implemented an editor integrated into the Eclipse platform to check OCL invariant and to execute OCL queries over instances of ecore models. To store the OCL expressions and following the Model Driven Engineering approach we have used Ecore models in all the software development process. In this way we can take advantage of the persistence mechanisms in XMI that EMF provides automatically. We have also implemented a tree view editor to visualize and to edit the OCL Editor instances.

On the one hand, the beahviour of this editor is similar to the Sample Ecore Model Editor that EMF provides by default. so that, we can edit the instances of the OCL Editor with the tree view. On the other hand, the tool provides a set of options to analyze and execute the OCL expressions. These functions can be executed by means of the toolbar or the pop-up menu.

Finally, this set of plug-ins use the MOMENT console to show some messages or results.