Contextual menu.

Every action is not available for every element class. This implies that no answer will be shown when the user press a button of the tool bar if the selected element has not got the correspondent action.

Contextual menu of the OCL Editor.

The contextual element menu show this in a simple way. You can access to it just with a right click. For every element class only will appear the actions that will be available.

The following table shows different element classes and its possible actions. The actions are organized from top to down, as you can appreciate it is the same one that is available in the tool bar form right to left.

  OCLEditor Model Context Invariant Group Query Group QVT Query Group Invariant Query QVT Query Group
Syntax             X X X
Semantic             X X X
Maude             X X  
Execute   X   X     X X  
AST             X X X
QVT                 X
Tags X X   X     X X X
Save file   X              
Save exp   X   X X X X X X
View exp   X   X X X X X X

Model elements and its possible actions