Getting the source code from the installed plugins.

By default, the Maude Development Tools plugins include the source code that has been compiled in an specific version. You can obtain also this source code from the plugin by means of the Eclipse's Import... wizard.

First of all, you have to open the "Import..." wizard. You can access this wizard by right-clicking in the Packege Explorer view, or by means of the File menu (File->Import...).

Opening the Import... wizard.

Once you have opened the wizard, select External Plug-ins and Fragments and press Next >.

Import from external plug-ins.

To import from the plugins that you have installed in your Eclipse installation you have to configure the next dialog as follows:

Importing options.

Finally, you have to select the plugins to import the source code. To get the sources of the Maude Development Tools you must select the plugins:

Selection of the desired plugins.

Once you have select the desired plugins, click the Add --> button, and the plugins will be moved to the right panel. You can finally click the Finish button.

Final step.

Once the importation process has finished you will have the source code of the Maude Development Tools in your workspace. Remember that the es.upv.dsic.issi.moment.maudedaemon plugin requires Java 1.5. If you do not know how to change the workspace compliance settings follow the instructions here.

The workspace with the sources of the Maude Development Tools.