Using the MOMENT Public CVS server.

To get the source code from our CVS server you can follow the following steps.

First of all, you have to open the "Import..." wizard. You can access this wizard by right-clicking in the Packege Explorer view, or by means of the File menu (File->Import...).

Pop-up menu to open the "Import..." wizard.

Once you have opened the wizard, select Checkout Projects from CVS and press Next >.

Import from a CVS server.

If you have not created any CVS repository before, you will see the next dialog directly. In this dialog you have to fill the cells as the next figure shows. The anonymous account doesn't need any password, so that, you have to leave this field empty.

Required data to connecto to the MOMENT CVS server.

The next dialog you can choose which plug-ins you want to download. By selecting the Use an existing module option you can browse the whole contents of the CVS server. At this point of the wizard, you can click directly the Finish button and the checkout process will begin.

Selection of the desired plugins.

The next dialog asks you if you want to checkout the plugins as separated projects or if you want to store all the plugins all toghether in one project. We recommend to Check out the plugins in separated projects.

"Checkout as..."options.

You can also specify in which folder you want to store the source code. By default, the plugins will be downloaded in the current workspace.

Selection of the project location.

Finally, you can select which branch or version you want to download. If you want to see the available versions in the CVS server you have to click on the Refresh tags button. Once you have selected the desired version, you can click the Finish button.

Selection of the tag to check out from.

Once you have clicked the Finish button, the checkout process will begin.

Checking out process.

If you have not configured the workspace to be compliant with Java 5.0, you will get some compiling errors as the figure shows.

Errors displayed when the project is configured to use Java 1.4.

To set up the workspace to be Java 5.0 compliant, you have to open the Eclipse preferences window (Window -> Preferences...), and select the Compiler tab (Java -> Compiler). You will see a drop down menu on the right side where you can select the compliance level.

Preferences view. Setting the workspace's compliace to Java 5.0.

Once you have changed the compliance level of the workspace, Eclipse will ask you to rebuild the workspace.

Dialog asking for rebuilding the workspace.

Finally, this is the workspace correctly configured to compile the Maude Development Tools plugins.

workspace view without compiling errors.