The Maude Daemon Plug-in.
A Java based API to run Maude.


The main goal of the MaudeDaemon plugin is to provide an API to use and control a Maude process from a Java program. So that, we want to be able to configure the process, execute it, send commands to it, get the results from the Maude process and to stop it (in normal or forced way). To make more easy the task to the programmer, we also provide a graphical interface to configure Maude. That allows to the programmes not to worry about the paths of the binary files, the Full Maude file, etc. These setting depend on each specific computer, and have to be set by the final user.

Maude is designed to run only under UNIX/Linux/POSIX environments. Moreover, the actual implementation of the Maude Development Tools require to have installed the bash and the kill programs (they are necessary to kill the Maude process if it hangs up). Nevertheless, you can run Maude in Windows by using the Maude for Windows installation program. This program installs a version of Maude that can run in Windows by using the cygwin library. It also installs and sets up the system to be able to execute the bash and the kill commands needed by the Maude Development Tools.