Maude Development Tools
  Installation Process
    Via Update Site
  Configuring the Maude Development Tools
    Basic preferences
    Advanced preferences
  Using the Maude Development Tools User Interface
    The Maude cosole
    The Maude editor
    Sending files directly to Maude
  Using MaudeDaemon: The Maude Development Tools API
    Structure of the plug-in
    Creating a Maude process
    Using the API
      The MaudeProcessInteract class
      The MaudeProcessBatch class
  Using MaudeDaemon: Test cases
    Showing the JUnit view
    Running the test cases
    Tests cases available
  Getting the source code
    From the installed plugins
    From the CVS
  GNU Free Documentation License
    Interface components
  The MOMENT OCL User Interface
    Elements and properties
      OCL Editor
      QVT Query
    Tool bar actions
      Syntax analysis
      Semantic analysis
      Parse to Maude
      Execute invariants/Execute group/Execute OCL
      Show AST
      Show code for transformation
      Reset OCL Tags
      Save OCL Editor file
      Save OCL Expressions
      View OCL Expressions
    Contextual Menu
    Colour codes
    MOMENT OCL Editor Console Preferences
  Using the MOMENT OCL Editor
    OCL Editor model instance creation
    Instance population
  Appendix 1. Royal and Loyal model
  Appendix 2. Examples
    Coach company
  GNU Free Documentation License